SPARK! is an alliance of
cultural institutions
that offer educational programming
specifically tailored to
families with memory loss. 

Originally inspired by the Meet Me At MOMA program, SPARK has evolved its own training and support for cultural institutions of all sizes and shapes - from children's museums to historical societies and art museums -- from institutions with educational departments to those with a staff of one. 

The Alliance shares programming, scheduling, and training with the aim of better serving people all across their lives - from childhood through aging and the potential cognitive disabilities that might come with it.

SPARK! provides an opportunity for those with dementia and their caregivers to enjoy art and artifacts in a comfortable setting, guided by trained docents and volunteers. Programming at each museum is different. The atmosphere is welcoming and stimulating. Attendees enjoy a wonderful time and are eager to come back for more. Repeat attendance and attendance of multiple programs in different locations is encouraged!

Original support for planning and implementing the SPARK! program came from the vision and guidance of the Helen Bader Foundation, now known as the Bader Philanthropies.

The museums and cultural institutions participating in the SPARK! program are: